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Software for the industry


Advanced software for industrial applications

No-code application


No programming skills required

Data transfer<br />
via drag & drop

via drag & drop

Connection of many systems on a graphical user interface

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

Intelligent networking of machines and systems

Middleware for the industry

Automate your data exchange



Data exchange with a central
data hub

Machine data acquisition

Machine data acquisition

Connectivity of machines
in an IoT infrastructure



Connectivity to numerous third-party systems with more than 30 Plug-ins


IT/OT connectivity

Establishing a connection between IT and OT systems



Integration of cloud systems into production



Support for Docker containers and direct deployment on edge devices

Make your production transparent

The OPC Router is a software solution that connects your machines and systems. It collects data, brings it together and makes it available at the right time and in the right place.


Customer feedback

Processes via OPC Router run absolutely resilient and stable. The step-by-step automation of our production with the OPC Router has proven itself.
– Hardy Schwenke, HERMA GmbH –

OPC Router overview

Newest generation software

Application diversity


With the OPC Router Plug-ins, you can connect numerous systems and applications with each other. The software connects a wide variety of OT and IT systems via drag & drop, from PLCs, controllers, printers, RFID and barcode systems to databases, clouds, SAP as well as other ERP and office systems. The connection of these system components takes place on a graphical user interface and makes programming knowledge unnecessary.

Overview of OPC Router Plug-ins

The OPC Router Plug-ins offer a multitude of freely combinable connection options to optimally adapt to your project.

  • OPC UA Client
  • OPC UA Server
  • OPC UA Pub/Sub
  • SAP
  • MQTT Client
  • ERP / SOAP Web Service
  • Sparkplug
  • Telegram Bot
  • E-mail via SMTP
  • Network File Access
  • Apache Kafka
  • Generic Barcode Reader
  • RFID-AutoID (OPC UA)
  • Heidenhain CNC
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SAP Hana
  • Euromap 77
  • Charm EZ System
  • .NET C# Script
  • Zebra Labelprinter
  • Domino Labelprinter
  • Videojet Inkjet Printer
  • Wolke Inkjet Printer
  • Windows Printer
  • Generic TCP/IP Printer
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MongoDB
  • InfluxDB
  • MySQL / MariaDB
  • Oracle Database
  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • SQLite Database
  • Microsoft Access
  • PostgreSQL

OPC Router Add-ons

The OPC Router Add-ons offer additional functionalities that optimally support your specific use cases.

Store & Forward

Store & Forward

Store & Forward Add-on
prevents data loss



The Redundancy Add-on provides more fail-safety

Enterprise Plus


Enterprise+ includes several additional features

ETL-Tools for data transformation

The OPC Router ETL Tools (Extract, Transform, Load) for data transformation extract data from different sources and transform them to make them accessible and transmittable for your target system.


to query data from XML files / data


to query data from JSON data packets

CSV Object

CSV Object

for formatting records in text form


Script Plug-in for custom scripts

Simple handling
via drag & drop



The OPC Router is a so-called “no-code” application that does not require any programming skills to use.

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop

Connections of individual elements of your system environment can be established and visualized simply by drag & drop.

Keine Programmierkenntnisse

Powerful monitoring

The data streams consist of live data and can therefore be monitored in real-time in the status bar of the OPC Router.

OPC Router Desktop
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